Tour : Overday ElFayoum with lunch from Cairo

Escape the city hustle and head to the tranquil and serene area of El-Fayoum. Here your group can enjoy numerous watersports, bathe in hot springs and experience the bracing power of a waterfall.


The Fayoum is a wonderful area of Egypt with a rich and interesting history. The peacefulness of the area is a relief from the hustle and bustle of Cairo, from which it is a brief trip. Bird life still abounds around Lake Qarun, bordered by semi-nomadic Bedouin settlements and fishing villages. Here, on the edge of the desert, you can sail, windsurf, swim and fish.

Other places of outstanding natural beauty near Fayoum are the hot springs at Ain al-Siliyin, where you can bath and the waterfalls at Wadi al-Rayan, 40km towards Bahariyya, also suitable for swimming and picnics.

Fayoum is not a true oasis since it depends on Nile water instead of underground springs or wells.

Duration: 10 hours
Departure time: 8:00 AM