Tour : Overday Ismailia with lunch from Cairo

Enjoy a scenic drive to Ismailia before taking in many of its sites as well as relaxing by the shore of the beautiful Lake Timsah, a perfect spot for relaxing and enjoying the Egyptian countryside.

Drive for nearly 2 hours to reach Ismailia.


Ismailia is located on Lake Timsah along the coast of the Suez Canal, halfway between Port Said and Suez. It is approximately 120km from Cairo by the direct route "desert highway" or 135 km by the countryside road.

The Ismailia Regional Museum was established in 1932. It contains Pharaonic, Islamic, Greek and Roman collections from different periods.

The Memorial of 6 October, 1973 Victory was inaugurated on 5 October, 1992 on the east bank of the Suez Canal and was modeled after a bayonet.

Montazah El Mallaha Park is a truly magnificent park covering an area of 500 acres, planted with varieties of rare flowers, trees and palm that belong to many overseas environments.

Lake Timsah is known for its calm water on which many beaches are located and where there is an opportunity for many water sports. It covers an area of 14 square km. The beaches that overlook the lake are Moslem Youth, Fayrouz, Melaha, Bahary, Taawen, in addition to the Suez Canal Authority beaches.

Duration: Approx. 8 hours
Departure: 8:00 AM