Tour : Cairo Full Day Medieval Cairo

Full Day: Medieval Cairo

Today you will enjoy a medieval atmosphere while walking through the old gates of Cairo into Al Moez Street with its heritage of mausoleums, mosques, palaces and schools dating from Fatimid, Ayyubid, Mamluke and Ottoman Eras.

Cross Al Azhar Street to visit the caravansary-like Wekalet el Ghoury, and the Mamluke Style housed of Zeinab Khatoun.

Have lunch at Al Azhar Park amid the minarets of Cairo and the Citadel panorama. After lunch visit the Ibn Tulun mosque, being the oldest intact mosque standing in Egypt dating to the ninth century and characterized by its unique spiral minaret copied from the mosque of Samaraa. Add to your knowledge of Cairo's old houses by a visit to the Next door Gayer Anderson Museum.