Tour : Hurghada - Dive the Red Sea best sites

Hurghada offers a supreme opportunity for beginners and advanced divers alike to wonder at the beautiful sea life and fantastic sites including coral gardens, walls, drop-offs and wrecks suitable for all levels of experience.
A of international and professional instructors will provide you unparalleled training with an exclusive diving and personalized service to ensure you can explore the reef with ease and safety.

Services Provided

Training Courses

Scuba Review (1 skill dive / 1 fun dive)
Scuba Diver (2 days)
Scuba Diver upgrade (2 days)
Open Water Referral (2 days)
Open Water Course (4 days)
Advanced Open Water (2 days)

Diving tours
1 Day (2 dives from the boat)
2 Days (4 dives from the boat)
3 Days (6 dives from the boat)
4 Days (8 dives from the boat)
5 days (10 dives from the boat)