Tour : Cairo - Full day Dahshour- Memphis and Sakkara

Head deep into the desert and deep into Egypt’s past with this fascinating day tour taking in the sites of Memphis once Egypt’s capital, and the archaeological wonders of Dahshour and Sakkara, which give a glimpse of how Egypt’s ancient kingdom evolved.

Dahshour forms the southernmost area of the Memphis Necropolis and contains a number of pyramid complexes and monuments. Dahshur has only recently been opened to the public, having been a military zone until 1996. As a result, the area is not as developed commercially as Giza, and there is a certain peace and tranquility to the site still. It is most noteworthy for being the site that best demonstrates the change from the "step" pyramid to the "true" pyramid that occurred during the Third and Fourth Dynasties.

Memphis, served as the capital of Upper and Lower Egypt some 5,000 years ago during the 1st Dynasty. Menes, the first pharaoh of this dynasty, built a great white-walled palace and the Temple of Ptah here.

Sakkara, One of the most exciting historical and archaeological areas in all of Egypt is Sakkara , situated about 12 miles south west of Cairo. The site is dominated by the famous step pyramid of King Zoser. It was the first pyramid to be built in ancient Egypt, preceding those at Giza by many centuries, and is the work of the famous pharaonic architect, Imhotep.

Duration: Approx. 8 hours
Departure time: 9 am.