PCO Services

Time Line Management

We will provide you with a detailed time line and project implementation plan clearly outlining the tasks and responsibilities in the lead up to the conference.


Dedicated Management Team

Emeco Travel has a highly qualified team of conference management professionals. Our dedicated management teams are extremely flexible and efficient. We are always at the end of the phone or available for meetings.

Conference management is our area of expertise and we will advise you through every stage of your conference working as your partners to ensure a memorable and    successful conference.



A communication center is set up to service all inquiries and requests pertaining to the conference. This center offers:

·         A postal address

·         Dedicated phone line

·         Email setup and management


Financial Management

We recognize the importance of good financial management as being key to the success of your conference.

·         Negotiate supplier contracts

·         Prepare a detailed income and expenditure budget

·         Registration fees structure

·         Operate a dedicated conference bank account

·         Receive delegates, funders, sponsors payments

·         Manage suppliers' payments

·         Manage cash flow

·         Regular reporting to client within the conference income status

·         produce a full financial report and audited accounts after the conference



Our skill lies in matching our client’s requirements to the perfect venue. We have a comprehensive listing of conference venues and more importantly an in-depth knowledge borne from experience of what each has to offer to ensure that perfect match.


·         Research venue suitability

·         Create venue comparison

·         Assess and recommend venues

·         Manage venue contracts

·         Manage venue payments

·         Manage all communication with venues

·         Design & operate logistics of the selected venue


Our custom registration software makes registering online a breeze. Our online web based registration system �" customized and tailored to be user friendly to the delegates.

It provides a one-stop facility where all registration, accommodation bookings, social outings, dietary requirements can be recorded, communicated, confirmed and receipted. Secure on line payments, as well as customized reports for your conference.

Along with our software capabilities, we also have our team available to take enquires, requests, registrations and payments by phone fax or post and email.


Our close relationship with various hotel chains and local accommodation providers allows us to secure the best rates available for your required room block. we find the optimum accommodation arrangements to suit every taste and budget



We work hard to ensure that the exhibition element of a conference is fully integrated into the overall programme ensuring that delegates and exhibitors have every opportunity to network.

We prepare architectural drawings and floor plans, exhibition manuals, sell exhibition space, book furniture and electrics, manage venue logistics, and provide detailed reports through bar code system and generally co-ordinate every aspect of the exhibition.


Promotion & Publicity

·         Prepare a promotional plan

·         Design & production of promotional material

·         Manage e-mail shots

·         Design advertisements

·         Place advertisements



It is becoming increasingly popular for conferences to be promoted on the Internet, often with the facility for delegates to register on-line.

Our in-house web design and graphic team will develop creative conference web site which will act as an excellent marketing tool to reach your conference audience. We pride ourselves in a swift and efficient turnaround time always ensuring your conference web site is current and always up to date.


Corporate Identity & Branding

Each event we manage is as individual as our clients. Our clients’ objectives are unique, their work ethics are distinctive and their expression is solely all their own. This all needs to be illustrated and portrayed in the branding of their events. It is crucial to get this right as it is repeated, reflected and illuminated right throughout the event and it is the impression that will be created, maintained and left with each and every guest.


·         Design conference logo

·         Branding concept

·         Signage at venue

·         Gifts for speakers & VIPs

·         Conference kit


Sponsorship Coordination

We will coordinate with you to identify potential conference sponsors and industry funding to optimize the revenue for your conference.

By offering unique opportunities to showcase logos and brand messages, we make sure that your sponsors gain the recognition they deserve. 


·         Create sponsorship package

·         Manage sponsor relationship

·         Develop sponsor design and print

·         Manage sponsorship delivery


Social & Special Events

We know that Conference Organizers are always searching for quality, and also new ideas and concepts. This is why Emeco Travel is a pioneer in organization of special themes and events.

We are fully aware that the participants of any conference are highly professionals, so we always try to create more unusual, challenging events and theme parties. Whatever you choose, Emeco can tailor it to your delegates’ requirements since our expertise stretches as far as your imagination.

·         Welcome & Farwell receptions

·         Dinner parties & Gala dinner



·         Research catering to theme and budget

·         Manage caterer contracts

·         Manage caterer payments

·         Manage caterer delivery


On-Site Management

Through a vast network of highly experienced professionals we manage every aspect      of your conference on site to include:

·         Overall administrative support

·         Venue management

·         Supplier management

·         Registration

·         Staffing

·         Security

·         Travel, Tours & Transportation desk

·         Information desk

·         General logistics



Meet & Greet

Our airport representatives shall meet delegates arriving at Cairo International airport, assist them to:

·         Complete passport formalities

·         Identify their personal belongings

·         Assist them through Customs

·         Lead them to the waiting vehicle to transfer them to their hotel




We are responsible for all transportation logistics coordination and management

·         Airport transfers

·         Venue-hotels shuttles

·         Social events / dinners transport

·         VIP / Special guests transport

·         Transport schedule development, communication & design logistics

·         Relevant signage



Printing Materials

Our in-house graphic design team will work to create a unique identity for your conference and apply this across all your conference materials from:

·         Brochures

·         Invitations

·         Conference program

·         Signage, stage design & Back Drops

·         Advertisement

·         Posters

·         Conference kit

·         Welcome letters

·         Evaluation forms

·         Name badges

·         Sponsors packs


Audio Visual Equipment

From our extensive experience, we understand the importance of quality audiovisual services to a successful conference. Our reliable bank of audiovisual suppliers have worked with us for over 10 years and their technicians are friendly and highly skilled. We ensure that only the most modern and up to date equipment is used on all our conferences.

·         Establish technical requirements based on theme and budget

·         Manage all technical aspects, design, sound, lighting, staging

·         Record event

·         Manage supplier contracts

·         Manage supplier payments



Emeco Travel can provide the conference with all interpretation needs including interpretation booths, headsets and highly professional interpreters including UN accredited interpreters.



Accompanying Persons Program

Emeco Travel will arrange programs for half and full day tours for accompanying persons. Some daily tours can be arranged during the leisure time of the delegates, allowing them to visit some of the sites. This is subject to the final program.


Pre and Post Tours

Emeco Travel will design cultural and resort programs for the periods before and after the conference dates. This will allow those delegates who can spare few more days to enjoy the other cities and sights in Egypt.


Entry Visa

We create a special personalized participation invitation letter to help participants in obtaining entry visa from Egyptian Embassy / Consulate at their end. Subject to the number of the conference delegates, we can assign a dedicated queue at the airport for the conference delegates. This will be subject to authorities' fees.


Photography & Video Documentary

Capture the event

·         Record event

·         Manage photographic suppliers

Delegate Feedback

·         Design delegates evaluation form

·         Manage distribution and collection of evaluation forms

·         Document and collate evaluation responses

·         Prepare evaluation summary reports


Post Conference Analysis

·         Provide photos collection

·         Provide financial reports

·         Provide evaluation summary reports

·         Present full participants list