Emeco Travel Egypt - APG GSA - Introduction

Emeco Travel Egypt is the sole member of APG Airlines in Egypt

APG Services are:

  • IET, Interline ticketing : APG Airlines
  • ABCS: APG, BSP, Coordination services

ABCS Airlines:

  1. LATAM (JJ)
  2. TAAG Angola (DT)
  3. Air India (AI)
  4. Garuda (GA)
  5. Pakistan International Airlines (PK)
  6. Shenzhen (ZH)
  • GSSA, General Sales Agent
GSSA Airlines we represent
  1. Ukraine International Airlines
  2. Taag Angola
  3. Air Italy ( Before suspension )
  4. Cobalt ( Before suspension)
  • Cargo: APG Cargo ( GSSA ,IET )
  • IET +: APG IET plus combines a number of APG existing services
  • APG Academy
  • APG Platform: APG NDC
  • APG Access: APG Access allows airlines without a GDS presence to "code share" with APG Airlines and take advantage of global distribution across over 100 BSPs, ARC and TCH.