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Flat out afloat

  • Making the most of Egypt’s climate, this event gets delegates working outside, and may even including a refreshing dip in the pool or sea - depending on the team’s success
  • Each team is provided with a pack of cardboard, plastic, tape and cutting tools, and the all-important design blueprints. The challenge - to build a sea-worthy vessel and to then race it in the ‘Flat out afloat Challenge’
  • Co-ordination, commitment and energy are the secrets to success while a sense of humor is a vital prerequisite

Chariot challenge

·         Keeping the team in the race may prove more important than racing ahead in this team building challenge

·         Teams are provided with a set of equipment including flat cardboard, cardboard rolls, tape, tie-wraps, cutting tools, and the design blueprints for building a Roman chariot. Question is: can they pull together to race ahead?

·         Teams get to work on building and decorating their chariot, before delegating who will take the glory and drive the chariot in the ‘Chariot Challenge’

·         Well-coordinated efforts will see teams reach the finish line ahead of the competition


Formula 1

·         Commitment, resource allocation and quality control go to create the winning formula in this high-speed team building challenge

·         Teams are provided with an unusual set of equipment including sheets of cardboard, cardboard rolls, a wooden chassis, tape, tie-wraps, cutting tools and the all-important design blueprints to build a Formula One racing car

·         Teams set out to build and design their racing car before appointing a driver to compete in the Grand Prix

·         Pit-stop challenges inject a further element of fun to this adrenalin-fuelled corporate challenge


Arabian market

·         Get the whole group talking with this event that pulls on Egypt’s Arabian culture and the traditions of the bazaar

·         The team is split into ‘families’ and given a pouch of Arabian-themed trading goods. The challenge is to trade their goods and increase their family wealth

·         Pulling on communication skills, careful negotiation and hard sales, the family groups will need to work out what other families require and use that to maximize their trading power

·         Through this challenge delegates will realize the value of information and the power of networking


Pyramids puzzle


·         Egypt’s unique and monumental history is played out in this three-phase challenge, which tests a diverse set of team skills

·         Teams are presented with a set of blueprints and giant pieces of card, and the instructions to build a series of 3D puzzle pieces

·         Once created, the team must work together to figure out how the pieces fit together to create mini pyramids and one large pyramid

·         The final stage charges the team with decorating the pyramid sides with a corporate or team message



Big picture

·         Bring your team together then make them step back and take a look at the bigger picture with this team building event which pulls on communication and organizational skills

·         Teams are presented with an artist’s canvas onto which they are charged with painting one section of a bespoke picture

·         Information is limited, but once the canvasses are joined together they create ‘The Big Picture’, representing a key corporate message

·         This challenge highlights the successes and challenges of working together, but also shows the amazing outcomes of pulling together as a team