Who we are ?

·         Emeco Travel is the exclusive franchise for biz-events in Egypt.

·         Based in Dubai, biz-events is the Middle East's first and largest professional team-building company and exclusive representative of industry leader, Catalyst Global.

Today, biz-events Egypt offers events for local and international corporate clients.



About biz-events

Biz-events is the Middle East's first & largest professional team-building company and exclusive representatives of world leaders, Catalyst Global. We are a passionate high-energy team, committed to creating events that have a big & lasting impact. Our global network ensures we remain current and innovative with a suite of 38 events, many which can be purpose-built for groups of 30-3000 people to enjoy.

Biz-events began in 2004 out of biz-ability’s passion for performance and with the vision to provide UAE businesses with the best teambuilding interventions in the world. By bringing award-winning events from Catalyst Global and with an in depth understanding of people, business and conference needs, biz-events have had amazing success right from the start!

Each of our programs can be customized to the individuals/teams that participate in the activities. Combining behavior assessments with activities is more effective when developing teams and leaders compared to non-participative training. Our behavior assessments reveal better communication skills, teamwork skills, motivators and insights of each individual on your team.

For more information on biz-events, visit www.biz-events.com