A word from the chairman - Mr. Elhamy Elzayat


I would like to begin by extending my most sincere gratitude to our valued clients, whom we have come to regard as our partners and our dedicated staff for their support of Emeco for almost three decades.


We entered Egypt’s incentive industry in the 1970s as a fledgling company and have since then managed to mould our team into the successful corporate empire of today. This has been accrued through none other than our enduring collective commitment to the creation of innovative and challenging programs by the consistent evolution of creative and professional means and methods.


In September 1979, we pushed Egypt’s social and entertainment scenes to new heights internationally by hosting a performance by the renowned singer, Frank Sinatra, at the feet of the Great Sphinx. More recently, we have successfully organized a safari to witness the solar eclipse in March 2006. Our diversity in events and our reliable participation therein is no small feat with non-other than a supplement of hard work and fearless innovation in all company endeavors throughout the years.


Emeco’s commitment to novelty is what has maintained our reputation as pioneers in the Egyptian incentive business. Our unwavering efforts to promote incentive travel to Egypt have culminated in the triumphant restoration of some of the country’s most cherished historical venues; this has enabled us not only to host private events in these spectacular settings, but also to contribute to the important role of antiquities and heritage preservation.


It is our distinguished drive and positive steadfast perspective which has ultimately facilitated the successful attraction of major congresses and associations. Two of our recent events have proudly boasted an attendance rate of up to 6,000 delegates and 3,500 core attendees.


Innovation is at the heart of the core values of each member of the Emeco family. We constantly aspire to present our clients with an unforgettable experience by seeking new venues and finding new angles from which to transform and revive existing ones.


Once again, I voice my profound acknowledgement and appreciation to all those who have contributed toward the sustained legacy of Emeco, and I urge you to sustain this further into the new century as we explore, discover, and conquer new realms of the industry and the challenges they bear.

Elhamy Elzayat