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August 6th. 2015 marked the opening of the Suez Canal expansion project or otherwise known as "The Gift to the World" project. It was also the date when Emeco Travel DMC added an icon event on its glamorous reference and portfolio

The expansion aims to increase the traffic handled by the canal and will allow for two-way traffic along part of the route rather than the one way which was its size when the Canal was originally inaugurated back in 1869, as well as allowing larger vessels with deeper draft to cross.

Following to a bid launched  by the Suez Canal Authority, Emeco Travel as part of a consortium that included local & international media companies, won the organization of this once in a life time event that not only took place at the Suez Canal but at many other overseas icons around the world.
Emeco Travel was the body in charge of the full logistics of the inaugural event as well as the media and the invitees program. 

The event was attended by the French President François Hollande, King Abdullah II of Jordan , the crown Prince of the Emirates, the Russian Prime Minister among many other head of States and official delegations.

To accomplish such an important event, there was a need for a very sophisticated logistics plan to transport the many VIPs and the celebrities from their planes to the VIP lounge before being escorted to their hotels or to Ismailia for the event. Emeco Travel was requested to design and execute this plan in full.
“For the first time ever, the airport authority allows the usage of commercial vehicles on the Tarmac. It was certainly a pride to see Emeco vehicles spread all along the airport ground"
said Elhamy ElZayat, Chairman and CEO of Emeco Group.

At the same time, another team of Emeco was set in Ismailia where the inauguration event took place. Those were managing the ushers, the tour guides beside the logistics of the operation itself.

The event started with arrival of Egypt President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi onboard the historic Royal yacht "El-Mahrousa” - the first vessel to pass through the canal when it was inaugurated back in 1869, and that was restored back to its original internal design - to welcome the guests seated under a specially erected tent on the coast of the Canal with a built in air condition set on the ground.

Following the few official speeches, two giant ships crossed each other announcing the possibility of a double lane in the Suez Canal. A scene that was aired life in Time Square, next to Tour Eiffel and many other icons around the world.

At the same time, fighter jets and helicopters flew above the ceremony and all over Egypt carrying a banner featuring "The Suez Canal, Egypt's Gift to the world".

In the early evening, invitees were treated to a lavish dinner under another tent erected in one of Ismailia most stunning garden where Four Seasons hotel was the caterer, before they head back to Cairo. 

With such a mile stone event, Emeco Travel team is again engraving the company name not only for a corporate organization but this time on Nation level.
We are equally proud of our five year old Emeco Tourism team based in Dubai and covering the Emirates & Oman and who retains a similar portfolio & CV that made them known as the leading destination management company in the Emirates.


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