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A unique DMC for a unique destination

Once again, for the second year in a row, Emeco Travel won Egypt's Leading Destination Management Company (DMC) 2014" by World Travel Awards. However, this year company went beyond the national level to win an even most prestigious award "Africa's Leading Destination Management Company (DMC) 2014".
(A recognition newly introduced by the World Travel Awards for the continent)

These accolades recognize the commitment to excellence and achievements that Emeco Travel has demonstrated over the last three decades.

Founded in 1977 by the legendary Elhamy El Zayat, the company handled a year later “Chanel”, the first Incentive program ever organized in Egypt when the famous Frank Sinatra flew specially to entertain the guests over the Gala Dinner that took place at the feet of the Sphinx facing the Great Pyramids of Giza, a site that was never previously authorized by the government to be used as a dinner venue.


The success of this program resulted in a very dynamic take off for Emeco Travel in the Incentive field. The company has then continued its success in organizing the most sophisticated & largest Incentive programs in Egypt since. 

 “Our multilingual & experience staff is our main asset”, says Karim El Minabawy, President of Emeco Travel and the SITE 2013 winner of Kevin Forte Spirit Award. “They keep brainstorming among the team to enhance the Incentive programs with out of the box ideas and exploring new venues ensuring that all services are on a state of the art level, unique and most innovative. We simply do not compromise on the service”. Continues’ El Minabawy.

In addition to the Pyramids site, Emeco Travel has been the first user of Habu, Hatshepsut, Karnak in Luxor, Philae in Aswan as well as to Abu Simbel temples as cocktails, dinners & meeting venues for its incentive programs. The company was also the first to add the Royal palaces onto the incentive sites list in Cairo.

To complement its services, Emeco Travel launched in 2002, the first Team Building division in Egypt that operates as a solo service as well as part of the Incentive program if needed.

In their continuous efforts to provide unique & luxury experiences to the travelers, Emeco Travel was pioneer in launching the new Dahabiya “The Boutique sailing boat” concept in 2009, giving the clients the option to sail on the Nile in luxury & privacy. (The Dahabiya is an 8 cabins boat that has no engine but uses either its sails and/or a tug boat that pulls it with a 15 meter wire thus to offer a vibration free voyage). To ensure a deluxe service onboard, Creative Hotels & Resorts Company has been appointed to manage our fleet of four Dahabiyas offering a total capacity of 32 cabins.

Following to its clients’ requests, Emeco Travel inaugurated its office in Dubai in 2010 thus to extend its services throughout the Emirates as well as Oman. Operating with the similar spirit & teamwork known for the Emeco seal, the office proved its success quickly and managed to creatively serve over 60 programs so far arriving from all over the globe to this new sparkling part of the world. (Last month, Emeco Emirates operated a cosmetic Business Forum - 2400 clients-, known to be one of the most difficult incentive programs in the World.            

Over the years, Emeco Travel has been awarded by all the international chains operating in Egypt as the best DMC in the country. In 2004, the company was awarded the Golden plaque for “Best Incentive program run in the Middle East” by Meetme magazine. Today, this honorable recognition by World Travel Awards organization as the leading DMC in Egypt as well as in Africa came to crown Emeco Travel achievements & Leadership not only Egypt but throughout the continent.


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