News / Emeco Travel Team Building Pyramid


With more than 30 years in the incentive business and various team-building events, Emeco Travel was recently in charge of handling a leading petroleum company's outdoor team building activity.

Requiring concentration, stamina and above all trust, the task composed of an action-packed team building mission - The Great Bedouin Hunt. The collective goal of the team was to build a pyramid where everyone plays an equally important role in putting together its demonstrated form.

The participants were transferred from the Sharm El Sheikh Ritz Carlton Hotel by a deluxe AC Emeco Transport coach to the quad bike station. Upon arrival, they found a letter on each quad with a request to elect a team leader and basic information to start their expedition. It took approximately 30-minutes of navigation through the desert before the team reached the Bedouin camp to begin their search.

The team was given instructions to find 40 acrylic pieces which are easy to assemble into a pyramid. The 40 pieces are buried under 100 colored flags that are scattered within a 1km radius.

After 20-minutes of hard team work and an amusing challenge, 39 pieces had been collected. After 25-minutes of fun struggling to find the final piece, they soon discovered that the tip of the pyramid was actually with the company's chief executive.

Totally uplifted, team members enjoyed taking pictures by their assembled 1-meter high pyramid before relaxing on the oriental styled puffs under the Bedouin tent, smoking shisha and sipping traditional Bedouin tea while observing the great desert landscape.

The team made their way back on the quads as the sun set on the desert horizon.