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We introduce to you this new section which will entail info about exciting places in Egypt you might never have heard about before. “Learn more about Egypt” will inform you in brief about the past and the present of these places. In our very first edition, we will talk about El Moez Street:
El-Moez Street
1 200 m long Fatimi El-Moez Led-Dinalleh Street  in Cairo is considered to be one of the main streets. It contains a set of the most important Islamic antiquities starting from the ancient city gate Bab EL-Fotoh northwards passing through el-Hakem Mosque, El Sehemi House, El-Akmar Mosque and Kalawoon ground and several other important Islamic antiquities.
It is one of the most amazing streets in Islamic Cairo and dates back to the Fatimid Era. It contains almost all types of Islamic architecture decorated with Arabic calligraphy. It has recently been renovated and it’s a place to see at the time of the sunset and witness the glamorous lighting of the mosques, a breath taking experience.