News / Emeco Travel Participates in the Organization Of Cairo Film Festival 2010


Cairo International Film Festival is an annual film festival held in Cairo, Egypt. It was established in 1976 as the first international film festival in the Middle East and it is the only International competitive feature Film Festival recognized by the FIAPF in Africa and the Middle East and the oldest in this category.
This year Emeco Travel participated in the planning of the festival logistics and ground handling.  The main theme was Egypt in the eyes of the world cinemas. Egyptian history is by all measures abundant with rich dramatic themes that are easily developed into sensational stories for the silver screen. The Pharaohs, Cleopatra, Tutankhamen and Ramses are only a few of the stories produced in Europe and the U.S, that have become classics in the history of world cinema, enriching the tapestry of international film productions for over a century.
The American star Richard Gere expressed his happiness visiting Egypt and being honored in Cairo by the International Film Festival. He praised the hospitality he received by the Egyptians and the warmth of their feelings. He came to Egypt with his wife and his 10 year old son to enjoy its wonderful residence and to watch its immortal monuments pointing that Cairo Festival is so remarkable and contains a lot of different cultures.