News / The Discovery of the Burial Shaft of Karakhamun Tomb at Assasif


An Egyptian-American expedition has found the burial chamber of a priest named Karakhamun (Theban Tomb 223). The tomb dates to Dynasty 25 (755BC) and was uncovered during conservation and restoration work on the West Bank of Luxor.

The el-Asasif area is a very important site, which contains nobles' tombs from the New Kingdom, as well as from the 25-26th Dynasties.

The team found the burial chamber of Karakhamun at the bottom of an 8m deep burial shaft. The chamber is in very good condition and contains beautifully painted scenes. The entrance to the chamber is decorated with an image of Karakhamun and the ceiling with several astrological scenes, including a depiction of the sky goddess, Nut.

It is believed that the tomb of Karakhamun could be one of the most beautiful tombs from Dynasty 25 because of the preservation of the color and the unique quality of the scenes.