Emeco Travel Egypt - Leisure Travel - Introduction

Emeco, launched in 1976, began operating its first inbound leisure trips to Egypt in 1977. Our first tour clients were from the US and France.

Today, Emeco welcomes tour groups from across the globe: from Canada to New Zealand, South America to Japan, we are truly a global operator. In addition to our regular tour operator business, we also handle a lot of special interest groups and go above and beyond to create new and innovative programs not offered by anyone else. It is our aim to ensure that you have a truly unique experience of Egypt. Utilizing the very latest technology we are able to provide group clients with web connectivity to enable them to manage their allotments with our suppliers. Our advanced IT framework enables suppliers in different time zones to confirm programs to clients around the clock. In addition, our real time IT services enables suppliers to update inventory constantly, meaning we can respond to travel requests instantly.